Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Body Shop - Makeup Face Products

1) All-In-One Face Base - Base double function face powder shade 055, can apply after bb cream to more flawless skin.
2) All-In-One BB Cream - Colour-Adapting tinted cream shade 02, apply after moisture cream or you can skip the step of moisture cream if you have oily skin. 
3) Illuminating Face Base - Face primer shade 01, apply it after moisture cream.
4) Concealer pencil - Crayon corrector shade 04, really easy to apply on your face, you can directly swipe on blemishes place and then blend out by using fingers to look more natural.
5) Loose Face Powder - setting powder shade 03, can apply after liquid or cream foundation or bb cream unless you skip the face powder. If you want a natural skin look then choose any one of face powder or loose powder.

My step :-
1) Toner > Moisture > Illuminating face base > Liquid/Cream foundation > Concealer > Face powder/Loose powder
2) Toner > BB cream > Concealer > Face powder/Loose powder

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