Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Body Shop - Skin Care Routine

Tea Tree
1) Skin Clearing Lotion - Moisture day cream, apply after cleanser & toner. This is suitable for blemished skin and oily skin. It's absorb very smooth and fast, not sticky at all.
2) Blemish Fade Night Lotion - Moisture cream, step using same as above, and the formula also same.

Vitamin E
1) Vitamin E Moisture Cream - Only apply on day time. This is suitable for dry to combination skin.
2) Vitamin E Eye Cream - Apply after day or night cream, This is helps to reduce appearance of fine lines,puffiness and dark circles. (All skin types)

Take notes:-
Pls do not apply two type of day cream at the same time, only choose one either Tea Tree or Vitamin E. I choosing this two products is because my skin is not only oily, sometimes its also become dry to combination skin. For the eye cream, it can be apply after any type of cream. 

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